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What is the Bangkok Podcast?

Sugar-free candy for your ears, that’s what.

When my friend Tony Joh and I decided to start a podcast in early 2010, we had no idea what to expect. However, we were happy to find an enthusiastic reception, and ended up recording an episode every week for a year and a half. At its peak we were getting a few thousand downloads every episode, and managed to get some great guests – movie stars, politicians, actors, monks, activists, and journalists, among others.

The podcast ended when Tony moved to Tokyo and I got busy being married, however – it has now returned!

Myself and my friend and new co-host Evo Terra are back on the air talking about all the strange, weird, wonderful, awful, and controversial things about Bangkok and Thailand in general. Along with the original 70-odd shows, we are now putting out a new show every week.

You can visit our main website at BangkokPodcast.com or subscribe via iTunes to download the entire back catalog, and keep up with new shows.

Happy listening!

Ooooh, shiny new logo, too.