Have a smartphone? Download my walking tours of Bangkok.

Powered by your own two feet, and my helpful, lovingly-crafted voice prompts in your ears.

The good thing about being a fan of walking and riding a bike is that I get to know Bangkok pretty well. There are endless main streets, back streets, side streets, and hidden streets to explore, and much of Bangkok’s charm lies down these various alleys.

So I was really happy to be able to put that knowledge to use to create GPS-guided walking tours of some of my favorite areas. A company called VoiceMap has walking tours in cities around the world, including Bangkok by yours truly. The app – available on iOS or Android – is very slick. Voice prompts triggered by GPS tell you when to turn, offering suggestions on where to eat, or explaining a point of interest.

I have three tours done so far, and am working on more. If you’re coming to Bangkok, it’s a great way to experience parts of the city and get some inside info as you do it. There are some example screenshots of the app to the right. For more information check out the page for my Bangkok Nana walking tour, the Bangkok Chinatown walking tour, or the Bangkok Old Town walking tour.

Download the VoiceMap app for iOS or Android for free. Each tour costs only a few bucks – as they say, less than a coffee at Starbucks. I’d love to hear your feedback.