Taste of Home: A Serious Homemade Sandwich

If I were to stand up in a crowd and say “Thai food is the best food in the world,” I probably wouldn’t get too many people telling me I’m wrong. Thai food is awesome, and anyone who says otherwise is evil. But every once in a while, I get a strong craving for a good taste of home, and nothing says “Alberta farm boy” like a good ol’ fashioned sandwich. Or sammich, as I prefer to call them. Bangkok has some pretty badass sammich places, but nothing says homemade like…uh, homemade. So, during a weekend where I didn’t have much to do, I took some inspiration from the internet and decided to make the mother of all homemade sammiches.

I started right – instead of buying a crappy ol’ loaf of bread from the supermarket, I turned to my friend Benjamin at Urban Pantry, the best damn bakery and homemade food service in Bangkok, and asked him if he could help. Being an awesome dude, he immediately suggested a 2lb loaf of heaven might suffice, and even went out and bought a special bread pan for me. I requested onion bread, and boy, did he deliver. Once I had the ingredients, the whole thing took about 45 minutes. When I was done, my creation fed me for two days and was well worth the effort.

Lessons learned: Next time, I’d hollow out the bread a bit more and make the inside cavity a bit roomier (for more stuff!) and I would keep the ‘lid’ intact, as you can see that I broke it apart in my eagerness.

So…now that my cravings for foreign food are well and truly sated, I can happily go back to Thai food and not think of sammiches for at least another few weeks. Check out the gallery below, and let me know how you would improve on my recipe.

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  1. Big C June 21, 2014 at 8:41 am - Reply

    Awesome. After 7 years there I cold barely eat Thai food and had regressed to the old Falang standbys – Khao Men Gai and Fried Rice.

    When you order Thai food say “Mi ow Pong Shewlot” (and hope you manage to hit the correct tones) this means “not want MSG” and suddenly Thai food isn’t so tasty anymore*

    * unless your vendor is actually a good cook.

    • Greg June 22, 2014 at 5:39 pm - Reply

      Thanks Big C, that’s a good idea – I’ve never actually learned how to say MSG…I should try it out.

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