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Bangkok’s Poison Air is Poisoning Me Against Bangkok

It's hard to find a more pro-Bangkok apologist than I. Many people love Bangkok, but few have lived here for as long as I have and not grown bored. If you've read this site before you'll know that I still find it endlessly fascinating. But the annual Poison Air season, in which we often cannot go outside because of air pollution, has made even a Bangkok nerd like myself wonder how long I can take it.

In Photos: Old Bangkok vs New Bangkok

Over on Twitter I’ve been posting a series of images comparing old photos of Bangkok with the same location as seen from Google Street View. It wasn’t a project I planned, but I stumbled onto a thread of old pics on TeakDoor.com dating from 2008 and started scrolling. I saw one that I thought might make a good comparison pic, and it worked out pretty well. So I kept going.

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