Over on Twitter I’ve been posting a series of images comparing old photos of Bangkok with the same location as seen from Google Street View. It wasn’t a project I planned, but I stumbled onto a thread of old pics on TeakDoor.com dating from 2008 and started scrolling. I saw one that I thought might make a good comparison pic, and it worked out pretty well. So I kept going.

I soon became obsessed and over a few weeks managed to through all 300 pages of posts, pulling out about 30 photos that I could compare. Thank god I’m stuck at home.

The photos don’t always match exactly – for instance, one old photo may have been taken on the sidewalk, but using Street View I’m limited to where the photo was taken from whatever lane the Google car was driving in. You also have differences in lenses, etc, but I think it works okay.

If you like nerdy stuff like this, check out this very similar post based on the book Bangkok Then & Now by Steve Van Beek. Kudos to actual photographers like Steve who actually get out and take the photos themselves instead of doing it from behind a computer. But hey, think of it as a lockdown project.

Charoenrat Road in 1890 and roughly the same area today. This is looking towards Khlong San Market and the river. Location here.