I’ve written before about how Thonburi is the ‘uncool’ side of the river, often called Bangkok’s Brooklyn or the hipster side of the river or some other cutesy term. It’s a title not entirely unwarranted, as it’s quieter here, cheaper here, less developed here. If you want thumping clubs, big hotels, hot restaurants, and exciting nightlife, yeah…don’t come to Thonburi.

But that reputation won’t last long. There are big malls being built, a planned BTS extension, and cool new restaurants and coffee shops popping up all the time. While I like quieter pockets of the city, I’m also a fan of modern amenities and cool things to see and do, so yeah…I’m (mostly) on board with the development of this side of the river.

On that note, I was excited to finally hear that Thonburi’s newest attraction is now open, Lhong 1919. I was even more excited to get a private tour before it opened to the public, and even more excited to get invited to the grand opening. Like most of Bangkok, it’s all who you know.