On Expat Identity and The Tragically Hip

You may have heard the recent news that Gord Downie, the lead singer of iconic Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip, has passed away. It was not unexpected, and Gord filled his last year with a tour that acted as a sad, triumphant thank you and goodbye to Hip fans across Canada and around the world. But unexpectedly, his death got me thinking about a few things,

The Sound of Culture in a Noisy City

Bangkok's noise is legendary, from the constant growl of traffic, to the bleating of 'pretty girls' selling the latest whitening cream, to outdoor speakers turned up to 11. It's often hard to find a peaceful corner - a fact that Not the Nation parodied so well - and when you do, you cherish it. It's even nicer when that peaceful corner is filled with lovely, soft classical music. I was lucky enough to attend an event recently that was just that, and even luckier to hang out with the talented musicans that performed. Surprisingly, they told me that these types of events were more common that I thought - you just have to know where to look.

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