The Search for Captain Bush’s Grave started when my friend Andrew sent me an email asking if I knew anything about the old abandoned house that sat, forgotten and forlorn, across from the Sheraton Hotel. The house itself is gorgeous but decaying; it sits as if slumped in a beanbag chair, shutters falling off, paint peeling, bricks missing, weeds growing through every crevice. And the street that it sits on? Charoen Krung soi 30 – aka, Soi Captain Bush.

Soi 30 is a street that I use for many of my bike rides, and I had long been curious why the street was called Soi Captain Bush. I had also noticed this house before – indeed, it’s hard to not notice – and when Andrew said that the house might even have been where Captain Bush lived, I decided to find out a bit more, because that’s the type of Bangkok history nerd I am.