There’s a very tired joke I like to make whenever some friends and I are oot and aboot in Bangkok. If we see a construction site, I always say “Maybe it will be a museum or library!” and everyone laughs and I get high fives, because 99% of the time it will either be a mall or a condo. Or both. Some love it, some hate it, but you can’t deny that Bangkok’s efforts to overtake Singapore as Asia’s shopping hub are ambitious and persistent. 

With that in mind, I got to thinking about how all these new malls will differentiate themselves from the (very fierce) competition. Some of Bangkok’s malls have slogans (“We need more superlatives!”) but most don’t, so I decided to go ahead and make a few.


Not even we know what stores lurk in our dark corners and forgotten depths.


Pioneers in the belief that paying more for things will make you hi-so.