I know what you’re thinking: ‘Indian Gastronomy Explosion’ would be an awesome name for a rock band. While I would definitely pay good money to see a dude from IGE rock the sitar, you are incorrect. It’s actually a description of a badass meal I had the other night at a new Indian joint in Bangkok called Gaggan. Indian food in Bangkok is pretty easy to find; Thailand’s Indian community is very vibrant, and the food I’ve tasted here is probably the best Indian food I’ve ever had – outside of India, of course. But at Gaggan, Indian food is being pushed to the limits and being combined with some truly bizarre and awesome techniques.

Gaggan is located in an old Thai house just off of Langsuan Road, near Lumpini Park. It’s done up pretty nice – white motif, nice flowers, comfy chairs, a few waterfalls, you get the idea. I was told about the place by a friend of mine who had eaten there recently and described it as ‘the best food experience I’ve had in Bangkok’. Once we were greeted and seated by the 180cm Ms. Nishin, (a girl so hot that even being in posession of her business card was enough to make me mentally think of all the girls that rejected me in High School and scream “Look at me now, bitches!”), we were greeted by the head chef and owner – Gaggan.

Gaggan's exterior.

Gaggan’s exterior.

Despite the rather unfortunate similarity of his name to gaggin’, he was a lovely man and super friendly. He told us that he’s been cooking his whole life and had trained at several