If you’ve read some of my previous posts you may have noticed that I’m fascinated by maps and the data that’s used to make them. I even went to so far as to use a bike and a GPS tracker to write my name across all of downtown Bangkok. But recently I stumbled on an amazing project by artist Eric Fischer that used maps and data in such a unique way that I just had to dive in and explore to see what I could learn about Bangkok.

For the past few years, Fischer has been combining data from Twitter and overlaying it on maps created with Mapbox. By doing this, he created a map of the entire world that shows the location of 6.3 billion geotagged tweets over 3.5 years. It’s a really cool way to visualize a city’s layout using nothing but pure, raw data.

For instance, here’s a detail of his map centered on Bangkok:

Just like The Matrix! But while cool, it's a bit much to take in.